Bar-hopping in East Amsterdam: Find your tavern soul-mate

We are back from our 10 day adventure in the Netherlands & Iceland (and a quick day in NYC)! I’ve got tons of great blogs on deck for you guys, going through all of our favorite parts of the trip. I thought I’d start by sharing one of our favorite ways to get to know a neighborhood: bar- hopping!

We stayed at Hotel Arena in Amsterdam-Oost, or the East Amsterdam neighborhood. This is a hip up-and-coming neighborhood with a lot of unique bars and restaurants surrounding Oosterpark, a beautiful park with paved paths, a large pond, park equipment for kids, and lots of gazebos and green space for friends and families to gather. The entrance to Hotel Arena is located in the park, as well, so we got to know the surrounding area pretty well during our stay.


Hotel Arena- Amsterdam (Photo Annie Adams 2017)

It was funny, because this neighborhood reminded me a lot of East Nashville, one of our local neighborhoods that I love. Both are full of trendy people and places, but both also have something for everyone; hence, finding your tavern soul-mate! So, read on to find the best bar for you in East Amsterdam!

For the Leisurely Brunch-er:
The Park Cafe at Hotel Arena is bright, open and airy, with great views of the park through floor to ceiling glass windows and lots of cozy seating. Service tends to run a bit slowly here, which makes it a perfect spot to sit and enjoy a warmer-than-average early spring day in Amsterdam while sipping a cocktail or glass of wine. They also have a nice menu of standard cafe fare, including an excellent cheese plate and some really tasty sandwiches.


For the Social butterfly beer lover:
The local favorite de Biertuin is a modern take on a beer hall, with long wooden tables both inside and on the outdoor patio, perfect for drinking a beer or two with friends new and old. The biggest draw of de Biertuin, though, is their expansive beer list. With over 75 beers on the menu, you’ll be sure to find a beer you love. This place is usually packed, so come ready to mingle with locals at one of the large tables.

(I apparently forgot to take some photos here… whoops!)

For Date Night:
Cafe Kuijper, just down the block from de Biertuin, is warm, inviting, and definitely  a great spot for a romantic date night. The decor was a mix of vintage glam and quirky- cool, with beaded chandeleirs, overstuffed leather booths (with fur pillows for added comfort on cold Amsterdam nights!) and wall hangings ranging from a stuffed buffalo head to a red airplane model.  They have a great selection of beer and wine, better -than-average pub food, and an adorable bar cat who will come keep you company, this is a great place to cozy up with your S.O. and enjoy a few beverages!

For the #tbt fan:
Bar Bukowski, a still-fairly-new bar in the area, is probably my personal favorite of the bunch. There was a really fun local crowd there the night we went, and the combination of art-deco meets modern-funky decor, a menu full of unique cocktails, and the sounds of 90s girl-power-pop bands (Hey Spice Girls and Michelle Branch!), I immediately felt at home here. You can choose to sit at the bar, at tables for groups, or in the upstairs loft overlooking the action depending on your social mood that evening.



Stay tuned for way more from our trip to Amsterdam!

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