The Return of the Jed… of the blog.

The last 12 months have been some of the craziest/happiest/change-iest I’ve ever experienced. To re-cap: I got engaged, launched a vocal coaching venture, wrote songs, played shows; I was featured by Marlboro in their Rockin’ Boots Campaign as a trailblazer along with 3 other kick-butt women; I got married, travelled to Stockholm, Madrid, Seville, and London; and finally, recently began working with the Goode Time Carolers of Nashville. 

 Man, that was a long list. 

 Years like this have a way of helping you to see your dreams more clearly and really kick you into high gear towards making them happen. So, over the next 12 months, I’m making a promise to myself (and any of you reading this- Oh hi!) to focus on my passions: songwriting, performing, traveling, and writing about all of it here. Stay tuned, I’ll be doing a retrospective over the next week highlighting our travels to Europe earlier this year along with a few other favorite memories from this last year. Starting next week, I’ll be sharing new projects and travels on a weekly basis. 

 I hope you’ll join me on my adventures! 



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