Honeymooning, Part 1: Stockholm

My husband and I got married on September 10 in a beautiful ceremony in Nashville, then headed out the next day on our Honeymoon adventure to Spain. 

Before we get too much further in, here’s something you should know about me: I. LOVE. a good deal, and my wonderful husband’s super power is finding amazing travel deals, so we were definitely a match made in Heaven. That being said, we had an amazing honeymoon but were definitely ballin’ on a budget for our 10 days in Europe. 

 We booked our flights in January, 8 months before our departure. One of the biggest things I’ve learned in the past year about saving money on European travel is being flexible when you’re searching for airfare. We knew the dates we wanted to travel, so we used our favorite travel site www.momondo.com to find fare deals in September. After a bit of research, we decided on Spain! 

 We had a pretty crazy itinerary trying to leave Nashville. We flew from BNA–>LGA, grabbed a shuttle to JFK, waited on our delayed flight, then flew overnight to Stockholm, our stopover on the way to Madrid. 


We took the Flygbussarna, the shuttle that runs between Arlanda Airport and the City Terminal (also, let’s talk about how much I love the Swedish language for basically just pushing words together to make a word to describe them. Seriously. It’s awesome). After a quick ride, we had just a few short hours to explore Stockholm. It was lunch time, and the city centre was bustling with people. We wandered down the narrow, winding cobblestone streets that would occasionally part to reveal beautiful steeples and buildings.

Because we had to catch our connecting flight, we grabbed a quick bite to eat then wandered back the towards the busplanshuttle (ok, that’s not a real one). 

 Our quick 2 hours wandering the streets of Stockholm definitely made me want to go back and actually spend some time there. The streets were clean, people were biking and walking everywhere, and as an IKEA lover-for-life, I couldn’t help but love the design aesthetic of the buildings and furniture. 

 One last tip (that will come back at the end of our honeymoon adventure)- if you have the option to book flights with longer stopovers, you can get a quick taste of different cities and countries between long flights. 

 Stay tuned, Madrid and Seville are our next stops! 


3 thoughts on “Honeymooning, Part 1: Stockholm

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